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Maharshi Gurukul


The best way to reach a busy parent these days may be through their mobile device. Maharshi Gurukul App helps parents stay connected to School. Maharshi Gurukul App Provides Student’s Educational Information to Parents. An initiative to render service at finger tips to students and parents by providing vital information about student’s performance in school. It contains students school related information and academic performance details like Student Profile, Examinations Details, Attendance Records, circular and notices, communication sent to parent, etc.
Maharshi Gurukul Apps Benefits:• Provides Student Information to parents with an easy way to know what is going on.• Ensures parents always receive notes.• Help them to know the upcoming school events, especially good for both working parents.• Inform parents when events are rained out, or change in weather condition, thereby avoids frustration.• Staying connected with School• Availability 24/7• Leisure Hours Utilization• Systematic Learning• Better Communication Bridge with parents.
How it Works:• Student Profile • Attendance Records• Daily Home - Work Notes• Examination Details• Exam Result Details• Student Progress Chart• School Daily Activities Details• SMS Message Repository• Co - curricular Activities details• Notice